Hey There!


How it all started:

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with an acting degree in 2011. Soon after, I started taking headshots for friends and then this grew to family portraits and so on. In the midst of it all, I moved to NYC to try and make it on Saturday Night Live and be the next Kristin Wiig. I forgot about my camera. A year later, I decided New York wasn’t for me and I moved to Portland to be near my sister.

I was pretty lost when I got to Portland but what I did know was that I always loved to make people smile. I had a way with people where I could make them forget about their hard days and I could put them at ease. I could befriend anyone and make them feel at home and that’s when I decided to pick my camera back up.

It’s been seven years since I started and I aboslutely love photographing weddings and families . I am extremely sentimental and I never want to forget the feeling a person or place or time gave me. I honestly spend hours every week looking through old photos and telling the stories that go with them. I want to help you to document all of your favorite people and places. Most of all, I want to help you remember the way you felt.

My philosophy:

Here’s the thing, we’re all awkward and camera shy and a little uncomfortable having our picture taken. I totally get it. My goal when working with you is to make you forget about the camera. I’m really silly and super curious about getting to know people. I will dive deep into what makes you you. I ask a ton of questions and really spend time getting to know you before I even pick up my camera. What get’s you LIT?! What makes you cry? Netflix and chill or go for a hike and get funky? I don’t want you to feel like a stranger is taking your photo, but more like a best friend.


Wedding FAQs 

-Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel. I’ll go anywhere to photograph a wedding or elopement. 

-Do you shoot LBGTQ and religious weddings?

-Absolutely! I am an all inclusive photographer and I want you to feel 100% comfortable on your wedding day. I don’t care your race, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion… it’s all love!

-Where can I find your prices?

-My pricing for weddings starts at $1,815 and $995 for elopements. I can work with budgets of all kinds so please shoot me an email and we can talk about yours.

-Do you offer prints and albums?

-Of course. It is my goal to have my work printed. Did you know that a printed photo doesn’t begin to decompose for 300 years? That’s definitely long enough for your great great grandkids to see how adorable you were. I like to stay local with my prints and order from @prophoto NW and my albums are from Red Tree Albums.

-Do you have back up equipment and insurance?

 -I sure do have backup equipment and insurance in case anything goes wrong. I shoot with Sony alpha gear.

-What do I wear to my engagement session?

-I always recommend that you wear something that you feel comfortable in! Wear something that makes you feel like you and sparks JOY! If we are doing a hike you can wear hiking clothing and change at the photo destination. Don’t worry about hiking in a dress. Or DO! Up to you!

What if I’m awkward? 

-Don’t worry- we all are! Even I feel incredibly awkward about having my photo taken. I do my very best to make you feel safe, happy, and comfortable in front of my lens. I want you to feel like youre hanging out and having fun with a best friend. We are in it together. 

-Who is your ideal client?

-My ideal client is someone who is excited to work with me and trusts that I will do my best to get the most gorgeous photographs. 

Family FAQs

-How much are your sessions? 

-My family sessions are $500 and come with 100+ photos. I require 50% due at booking and the rest is due on the day of the shoot.

-Do you offer mini sessions?

-I offer mini sessions three times a year- in the spring, fall, and winter. They are 30 minute sessions and are $250.

-How did you get started in family photography? 

-I love this question! While I was in college, I started taking photos of my baby nephew. We would go on walks and I’d change his outfit a bunch of times and take different photos. From there, neighbors and friends started asking me to photograph their kids and I started to really get better at it. One day my dad finally told me to charge a bit and it just grew from there! I moved from my hometown of Philadelphia to Portland, OR in 2013 to be closer to my sister and hit the ground running. 

-Did you study photography in college?

-I took a couple of film photography classes at the University of Pittsburgh but I majored in comedic acting and really thought I’d make it on SNL one day. 

-How long are the sessions?

-Family sessions last about an hour to an hour and a half. I never rush and understand that a lot of kiddos need a bit of time to warm up to me and my camera. I get to know the kids, find out what they like, and go from there. I always get kids to laugh and smile and we just have fun.

-Can we do specific poses that I’ve seen on Pinterest?

-I’m happy to try a few poses that you’ve seen online but I can’t guarantee they’ll look the same. My sessions don’t include a ton of posing. They are candid and raw and we create real moments. 

-What should I bring?

-Bring a back up outfit for your kiddos in case they get messy. If you want a cute blanket for your kids to sit on I recommend bringing one of those. I always recommend bringing snacks and treats that help your child to smile! I once did a session where a kid got a lick of a lollipop in between every shot and we got the best photos! It also helps to have a favorite video or song downloaded on your phone…just in case. 

-What if my kid is cranky on the day of the session?

I’m usually able to get kids out of funks pretty easily. They are excited to come to a new place and meet a new person and we just play until they are feeling better. I’ve never not been able to get a kid out of a funk! If your child is sick and can’t rally… I totally understand and let’s reschedule!

-Will we get all of the photos you take?

-I delete all the bad photos (eyes closed, blurry, etc.) and send you the rest! I never keep anything worthwhile from you.