Rachel Brookstein Photography

Hi! I’m Rachel!

Here’s the thing, we’re all awkward and camera shy and a little uncomfortable having our picture taken. I totally get it. My goal when working with you is to make you forget about the camera. I’m really silly and super curious about getting to know people. I will dive deep into what makes you you. I ask a ton of questions and really spend time getting to know you before I even pick up my camera. What get’s you LIT?! What makes you cry? Netflix and chill or go for a hike and get funky? I don’t want you to feel like a stranger is taking your photo, but more like a best friend.

Family is everything to me and photos of my family are a close second. It is my biggest goal to make beautiful and emotional photographs for you and your family to have forever. I want to be a part of creating a real physical memory for you to keep in the form of a printed photo.

Photographs are what help us to remember people, places, and times that have passed. They inspire us to tell stories and re-live moments. Almost all of my memories are defined within photographs. Most of these memories, I would never have without the photos.

Just like you probably are, I’m completely in awe of the PNW and all it’s beauty. I moved to Portland in 2013 to be near my sister, unaware of the love affair that was about to begin. I spend all of my free time exploring every waterfall, mountain top, and forest from here to Canada. Being outside makes me feel grounded and connected to something real. I would love nothing more than to share with this feeling with you while taking your photo.





I would love nothing more than to get to know you.
I’d always love to meet for coffee, a beer, or even a hike! Send me a message and we’ll figure out the best way to connect.

Serving Portland, OR and beyond. I love to travel!

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